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Experienced DUI Defense Attorneys

Attorney Daniel J. Konieczka, Jr. was the chief prosecutor in charge of the ARD (1st time offender) program in Allegheny County.  As such, he oversaw the offer of a second chance to thousand’s of DUI defendants.  He also oversaw a quick plea program for thousand’s of DUI defendants who were not eligible for the ARD program.  These programs are designed to help rehabilitate DUI offenders without laying a heavy burden on them for their mistakes. In doing this, Attorney Konieczka often worked very closely with police officers and magisterial district judges throughout Allegheny County.

Today, Attorney Konieczka instructs legal seminars for attorneys and local law enforcement, using his experience to teach others. He has also
brought his passion for helping people to DeLuca, Ricciuti & Konieczka, where he is able toap ply his experience and information to individuals who have been arrested for a DUI and need to know what to do and need to be guided successfully through the process.  

Dan was born and raised in Pittsburgh’s Morningside neighborhood and graduated from Central Catholic High School in 1978. Attorney Konieczka decided to stay near to home for college and received both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduating from Pitt, Attorney Konieczka immediately began a career in the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office as an assistant where he was able to refine his skills as a trial lawyer, trying hundreds of cases that involved a variety of legal issues. Because of Attorney Konieczka’s success, he was selected to serve as Special United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, working with other federal prosecutors from around the country, coordinating investigations, indictments, and prosecutions.

Attorney R. Anthony DeLuca has handled hundreds of DUI cases as both a former prosecutor and in his current role as a criminal defense attorney.  Mr. DeLuca has successfully litigaged numerous cases throughout the westnern Pennsylvania court systems including, Allegheny County, Washington County, Fayette County, Somerset County, Butler County, Beaver County, Westmoreland County, Lawrence County, Mercer County, and Venango County to name a few.  Mr. DeLuca was heavily involved in the creation and implementation of a DUI plea program for the District Attorney’s Office of Allegheny County and was the court prosecutor for the admission of hundreds of people into the ARD (1st time offender) program.

Mr. Deluca was raised near Greensburg in Westmoreland County and graduated from Hempfield High School in 1990. He finished his undergraduate degree at Boston College and then came home to attend the University of Pittsburgh Law School, where he graduated magna cum laude in 1997. Attorney DeLuca has worked to successfully defend clients all over Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania area.  Mr. DeLuca worked as a law Clerk for Justice Frank J. Montemuro and Judge Maureen Lally-Green of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, where he reviewed appellate cases involving a variety of issues including Driving Under the Influence. 

Mr. DeLuca handled hundreds of jury and non-jury trials. Mr.DeLuca ended his career in the District Attorney’s Office as a specialized unit
prosecutor.  Throughout his career, Attorney DeLuca saw the need for experienced representation of individuals in Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system. In 2005, he decided to open his own practice dedicated to helping people who were experiencing tough times in their lives and needed someone they could trust to represent them. Because Attorney DeLuca believes that defendants are always entitled to the best defense possible, he has tried hundreds of cases with great success and helped people and their families all over western Pennsylvania.  He strongly believes that his clients should not be treated like criminals.

Attorney Randall T. Ricciuti began his legal career in the fall of 1992, while attending law school at the University of Widener, and working as a law clerk from 1992-1995 at The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.  During this time he was assigned to the Torts Litigation Unit in Harrisburg, Pa.  This was his start in learning and understanding the intricacies involved in preparing for trial, in order to execute successful verdicts.

Attorney Ricciuti was hired by the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office in 1996, where he served as an Assistant District Attorney for nearly twelve years.  During that time, Attorney Ricciuti was assigned to various specialized units of the DA’s Office, which afforded him the opportunity to handle cases dealing with a vast array of crimes, ranging from minor offenses (DUI’s and traffic offenses), to violent offenses (white collar crimes, drug cases, organized crime, homicides, etc.).  Attorney Ricciuti was assigned to a specialized unit, the Grand Jury/Wiretap Unit, for six years.  This was where he was able to truly sharpen his case preparation and trial skills, and establish valuable contacts and  relationships while working with the DEA, FBI, ATF, the Pennsylvania State Police and every local law enforcement agency in the southwestern area of Pennsylvania. Also during this time he was frequently informed by local law enforcement agencies of when DUI checkpoints and roving DUI check points would be executed throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, in case any emergency issues would arise with a DUI stop. 
Occasionally he would oversee their execution so as to assure they were conducted properly.  Attorney Ricciuti eventually decided that his skills would be most helpful to individuals who are in need of an experience defense attorney with whom they can communicate and undoubtedly trust.     

Attorney Ricciuti grew up in the Mon-Valley area of Allegheny County where he excelled in scholastics and athletics, earning a scholarship for both at the University of Delaware, where he graduated in 1992.  


*$500 flat rate is limited to ARD interview and ARD hearing for individuals who are eligible as first time offenders in the (ARD) Program of Allegheny County. Fee will be higher for additional hearings, including but not limited to preliminary hearings, other services, other counties, and individuals not eligible for the ARD Program.